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Skalko Inc

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Skalko Inc

We manufacture and sell a huge range of abrasives on the polymer and ceramic ligaments: grinding wheels and discs, grinding and honing sticks. The company has applied supernovae technology that provides high resistance Abrasives and excellent quality of the work surface.

The produced abrasive used for grinding, cleaning of welding seams, deburring, chamfering ...

And also manufacture and sell:

Abrasive Grinding

Head abrasive grinding

Bruschi abrasive grinding and honing

Custom Abrasives

Circles flap brand CLAUD

Circles fan brand CHED

Transporters barrel

tumbling, vibrogaltovka, filler for vibrogaltovki, chips

superfinishing abrasive

grease pencil

abrasive polishing paste

diamond paste

We provide rehabilitation services for rollers for brake stand

Prices Ukrainian - as the world.

We - the producers.

parliament to cooperate with you.